10 Things I Should Do During Ramadan



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We’re almost there. Another Ramadan beckons. The arrival of the holy month always fills me with anticipation – childish but this is the point where I begin to ask myself if I’ll even make it through the first day, lol.


The funny thing is when you get to Day 20, you begin to miss Ramadan already and you wish this old friend would stick around a little longer. Anyway, here’s a short list of things that I’m telling myself I’ll do. You too, maybe? This way maybe we’ll arrive in Syawal a better Muslim and a better person than we were the month before.

1.Visit your parents

You know how we often feel that we don’t see them enough? Busy with work, busy with the kids or whatever. Well, the holy month is a good time to get busy with Mom and Dad. If they’re no longer around, say a prayer or three for them.


2.Solat suboh

Which is the solat that we most often miss? Yes, I know, me too. Let’s resolve to not miss any suboh prayers this month. Hopefully this behaviour will then be extended till after Ramadan.


3.Solat at the masjid

We have more time in the day during this coming month because we won’t be spending too much time eating and drinking. So, let’s try to make our visits to the masjid more often for our daily prayers.



Yup, we all know we should do this. Let’s try to do it every night. And by the way, mind how you park the car – not haphazardly please. Remember The Almighty sees everything that you do and you are accountable for every single little thing that you do in this life, my friend.


5.Read Quran

Don’t we all tell ourselves that we’ll read the Quran every day? This is the month to stop thinking about it and just start doing it, every day. And try not to just read – understand the meaning, make sense of what you’re reading, internalise and juxtapose what you read onto your day-to-day life.


6.Give to charity

I know you’ve been doing this. Do more this month. The money that you give will not make you poorer. In fact, the monetary value of what you give is multiplied up to 600 times over in pahala, InsyaAllah.


7.Outstanding zakat?

Got some outstanding? And we’re not just talking about fitrah, which is a small amount. Your other zakats – on your income, on your profits, property etc. Do it before it’s too late or before it gets too big. And this is an excellent time to do it. Don’t over-think, just do it.


8.Wear hijab

For our sisters who are not hijabbed yet, Ramadan is a very good time to start covering up. It is wajib after all. Don’t be afraid about what your friends might think – are you afraid of your God or what your friends think? And here’s another good reason for you to don the hijab – it instantly makes you years younger, honest!



Some of us see the fasting month as a good excuse to take a break from exercise. Bad excuse. I don’t think Allah approves. Slow down the pace, intensity or time yes, but don’t stop. Working out late afternoon about 2 hours before iftar is good. The break of fast will also feel that much sweeter after. And you sleep better too. What’s there not to like about Ramadan exercise?


10.Be nice

Just generally be nice to everybody. Say assalamualaikum more often. And smile a bit more. Every little smile is rewarded. Isn’t this religion such a beautiful thing?


Ramadan kareem my sisters and brothers. May we all be rewarded for all our good deeds this month.





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