Be Happy. Now


Some of us think that we’ll be happy when we get rich. You might think that you’ll be happy when you lose a few more kilos or when you’re more toned. Or you’ll be happy when the kids leave the house and you have the spouse all to yourself. If you’re still in school, you would be happy once you get your degree, right? If you’re single, you will most certainly be happy once you have a partner. And when you’re married you will be happy once you have kids. You might be beginning to see a pattern here…

Now, what if you never get rich? What if you never lose those damn kilos? What if you don’t get that degree? What if you never have kids, no matter how hard you try?

My point is this – Don’t postpone your happiness. Be happy and be happy now. This very moment. Happiness is merely a state of mind. It’s all up there – you choose to be happy or sad, it’s entirely up to you. Entirely.

OK, you might ask why should you WANT to be happy. It’s because in the end, it’s what this life here on earth is about. It’s about being happy. No matter what state of health or prosperity or beauty or whatever you’re in, you owe it to yourself and those around you to be happy. Because happiness is contagious. And so is grumpiness. You choose,

So how do you get happy? Turn both ends of your lips upwards. Go on, look in the mirror. It’s called a smile. Smiling actually makes you happy, just as being happy makes you smile. It works both ways.

Here’s another way to be happy – do good for others. That could mean something as simple as putting some money in the charity box or helping an old lady cross the road or helping a stranger change his tyres. I guess you could call it any act of selflessness, i.e. doing something for someone else without expecting anything in return.

So, let’s be happy. Now. It’s your choice.


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