US Visa Interview

My daughter’s US Visa application process..

Here’s an update – We received the Visa today, by courier, 2 days after the visit to the Embassy. Nice. I am impressed 🙂


I’ve been so anxious about my US visa interview for weeks and it turned out to be okay! It was much simpler than I thought.

First, I had to queue up outside the embassy which is at Jalan Tun Razak, KL. I queued up a good 15 minutes, I think, wasn’t long. My appointment letter said 10am, so the sun wasn’t scorching hot above my head while waiting.

At the first stop they’ll ask for you passport and IC. They’ll keep your IC here. Then you’ll have to queue for the second stop, which is a small room at the entrance of the embassy.

At the second stop, some nice abang polis will ask you to empty your pockets and leave behind all your electronics. I told them I had no pockets and they laughed lolll and when they asked for my phone they said “phone pun takde??” then they…

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