Merdeka lah

flag kidsMalaysia

This country is not perfect

Our politicians are not

Our planes sometimes fall off the sky

The weather’s humid, and now the haze is coming back

Groceries are getting expensive

And we could go on and on, complaining, bitching

But hey, we’re 59 today.


If you are 59 today, you could choose to say that you’re life’s not perfect

That your parents had never been

And your car breaks down too often.


Or you could say that you’re thankful for all that life has given you

And that you look forward to a fulfilling old age.


This country and this life is really yours for the taking

The choice is yours

Make it matter

Come on, get up, do something.


Stop bitching on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter

Unless you’re in a position of power, you are not changing anything

You’re just stressing yourself and your ‘friends’

That’s not being apathetic, that’s being realistic

Stop complaining, start living.


The change starts with you. Yes you, that person in the mirror

Don’t stress about things that you can’t change

Make the most of this bumi yang dipijak

And langit yang dijunjung.


It is your duty to make the most of this life

You have only one life on this earth

And make the most of this country, it is your duty

In the end, there is only one Malaysia.


Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Merdeka lah



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