33 Reasons To Run


  1. You had a bad day
  2. You had such a great day
  3. You’re looking for inspiration
  4. You hit writer’s block
  5. The weather is wonderful
  6. The weather is horrible
  7. You have a headache
  8. It’s a new day
  9. It’s the end of the day and you haven’t exercised
  10. You’ve got a 10K run next week
  11. You’re procrastinating on that dang proposal
  12. You’ve got 101 things to do
  13. You don’t have a thing to do
  14. You haven’t run today
  15. You didn’t run yesterday
  16. You haven’t run for a long time
  17. You need to lose weight
  18. You quarelled with the boss
  19. You quarelled with the wife
  20. There’s no better cardio workout
  21. You hate the treadmill
  22. It costs nothing
  23. It’s the simplest exercise ever
  24. You can do it anywhere
  25. It gets you out of the house
  26. Someone borrowed the bicycle
  27. Your knees make cracking noises, or worse..
  28. Your knees hurt
  29. It has stopped raining
  30. I want to grow old gracefully
  31. There’s no reason not to
  32. The news is depressing
  33. You got legs

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