4 Tips to Prevent Prostate Enlargement

If you’re under-18, please get your parents’ consent before you continue reading this, because things get pretty ‘adult’ near the end 😉

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Alright gentlemen, please listen up because this is about YOU. Ladies are welcome too, for this write-up can actually benefit you too. This article is about steps that you could take to help prevent Prostate Enlargement aka BPH, or Benign Prostate Hyperplasia.


First, let’s get the definitions of these big words out of the way (courtesy of Dictionary.com)

  • ‘Benign’ means not cancerous;
  • ‘Prostate’ is an organ that surrounds the urethra of males at the base of the bladder, comprising a muscular portion, which controls the release of urine and a glandular portion, which secretes an alkaline fluid that makes up part of the semen and enhances the motility and fertility of sperm;
  • ‘Hyperplasia’ is an enlargement of a part due to an abnormal numerical increase of its cells.

This article is not about what BPH is, nor is this about curing BPH. Those things you can google. We are talking here about prevention. It’s about things you can and should be doing. Oh, and btw, BPH and Prostate Cancer are two entirely different things. And this short essay is not about Prostate Cancer. It is about the prevention of Prostate Enlargement, i.e. BPH.

Who can get BPH?

I was drawn to writing this because I know a close family member who had had this condition but is recovering, thankfully. Also, news about friends who have BPH are getting more and more frequent. According to US statistics, the incidence of this condition is more than 50% for men over 50. Stats on Asian men are less forthcoming on the Internet, but it’s probably not very different.

BPH begins to rear its ugly head at the 40-year mark and by the time you’re 70, your chances of getting afflicted is about 80%.


Let’s be clear on this – I am not a medical doctor. I am just a (cool) guy who has a relative that had experienced this inconvenient BPH condition. I also have some friends who are beginning to get it. So, let’s just say, I’ve been doing some googling and curated my findings herein. What I’m preaching here is what I’ve been practising the past few years. And it’s worked for me, so far.

Please take these tips if you find them useful. None of these tips cost you anything, except one, and even that is almost nothing anyway.

4 Tips to Fight BPH

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1.When you pee, after that last drop, don’t just store your banana away. Exercise the perineal muscles, that are right behind the ping-pong balls 10 times. (These muscles are apparently interchangeably  called perineal, levator, or pelvic-floor muscles.) That way, the prostate gets a little workout. Besides, it also ensures that all your pee goes into the bowl and you don’t wet your underpants on your way out of the boys’ room, as older men are wont to do. And do wash your fruit with water before you put it away.

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2.Exercise those muscles. These are the same perineal muscles described above. Just squeeze, hold for 5 seconds, then gradually relax those muscles to a slow count of 5 seconds. Then repeat –  squeeze, hold, relax. This you can do anytime, anywhere – in the car, in the office, at home, on the bus, literally anywhere. No one would know 😉  BTW, this exercise is called the Kegel Exercise. Check out the ‘further reads’ below if you want to know more.

I normally do 50 ‘reps’ just before bed. Now, the side benefit is this. Guys, listen carefully. It gives you better ‘control’ during copulation. Just like everyone has been telling you since you were young – exercise is good for you! Control guys, control.

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3.Pumpkin seeds. This is a traditional Western prescription to fight prostate enlargement. Just pop a few seeds in your mouth every day and it’s asta la vista BPH, god-willing. You can get these for almost nothing at your grocer’s or supermarket. Either take them raw or roasted. Put them in a bottle on the kitchen table so that you remember to take them every day. They’re practically tasteless, though some people actually do like them.

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4.Copulate regularly. No bad side-effects here. It’s all good, all fun. You can do this with your partner, however, whenever you like. But seriously, if circumstances render this impracticable, you can go solo 😉

If you forget everything else I’ve said here, just remember this word – Control. Ahem.


Further reads:

1.Kegel Exercises for Men from WebMD



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