Tok Arah

My daughter Nisha’s thoughts on Mak’s passing in 2014


A piece from 2 years ago, by 15 year-old me about my late grandma.

Tok Arah took her last breath yesterday, 18th February at the hospital. She’d stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks straight, the longest stay among the 10 visits since last October.

The last I met her was on the 9th. When I said goodbye and assalamualaikum, I had a thought. What’s going to happen when she goes? And now I know. I cried. A lot. On the couch outside for an hour after the yasin recitation early in the morning.

All in all everything is okay. But it kills me seeing Tok Atan cry. I remember the last time seeing her stand, seeing her walk, seeing her talk out loud and normal, seeing her smile and laugh. What I don’t remember is telling her I love her. The last thing I said to her was goodbye…

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