The Old Man at The Masjid

The following is a translated version of a recent Facebook posting by ‘Kelengkapan Haji & Umrah Fitrah Al Hajj’. I’ve taken the liberty of some edits for readability purposes. Although the intended audience for this piece was Muslims, there are lessons here for us all.

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“I often seen this man, who is about 75, at the masjid after ‘Asar. He’s usually seen reading the Quran. He lives nearby, in a large, attractive house. I found out that he owns a number of properties, worth let’s just say a lot of money. He gives generously to charity every month, very generously.

I pressed him for some advice on how he got to where he was and was lucky to get the following tips.

  1. Respect Your Parents. Your parents’ supplications are everything. Your parents’ wishes for you are ‘always granted’. Celebrate them, look after them. Pray for them when they are no more.
  2. Time. It comes and goes. Plan your time around the 5 daily solat, not the other way around. And don’t delay your solat. After solat, go out and search for Allah’s bounties.
  3. Total Immersion in Prayers. Give in completely to Allah. Tawakkal.
  4. Work Hard. Work in the morning, afternoon and night. Be crystal-clear on your goals. Try and try until you succeed. Take different approaches. And read the Quran as you do all this.
  5. Look After Your Health. Walking is good. Drink lots of water. Watch your diet.
  6. Have Clear Targets. Have a Vision. Watch your spending. Don’t be wasteful, especially with food. Finish your meals. Don’t pretend to be rich, even if you are. Only the Satan’s buddies are like that. Pay for the meals of others. Eat at modest places. These are where the poor people eat. Pay for their meals.
  7. At Magrib Time, drop whatever you’re doing. If you’re travelling, stop and look for a masjid. If you’re at home, close all the doors. Between magrib and isyak, expand your knowledge in Islam. After isyak, do your accounts – expenses, profits, losses et al. At nights, clear up all rubbish and clutter. Do the dishes. Make sure everything’s nice and neat before you sleep. And ensure that all your work clothings are ready for the next day.
  8. Fear No One. Even if you’re meeting somebody extremely important, go yourself, don’t be afraid. And if the matter is of great importance, don’t send a representative, go in person. Go, wait, even if it takes days. Look at the man in the eye. Fear not, there are ayats that can help ease the process, example Surah Yusuf: 4.
  9. Don’t Say You’re Tired when you come home at night. Don’t say your body aches. When in sickness, smile 🙂  After you’ve recovered, you’ll get a second wind. Everyone falls sick, even the Prophet did. Everybody falls and fails and despised at sometimes, just like the Prophet. But forgive and forget we must.
  10. Aspire To Be Rich… so that you can help others. So that you can be an asset to society. Your overall intent should be to help others. Quite simply, you should aspire to be rich so that you can help many, many people and make them happy.”

I hope you and I have learnt something from the above. This is only a part of the conversation between the two gentlemen. I might publish a Part Two later.




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