The Jedi, The Force – all of it is true

I saw Return of The Jedi (Episode 6) as ‘revision’ before seeing The Force Awakens today. At the end of my little revision, it made me realise again what a great movie Jedi was and that director JJ Abrams and writer Lawrence Kasdan had huge shoes to fill. I’m now happy to report that with Episode 7, the shoes fit very nicely, thank you. Here’s my take on the movie. I swear there are no spoilers in this write-up 🙂


The movie lived up to the hype created by the Disney  marketing machine, and then some. If you’re expecting it to be better than Episodes 1 to 3, you’ve got it. 1 to 3 are truly in some galaxy far, far away and best forgotten.

If you’re expecting Awakens to be as good the original trilogy, you’ve got that too! Let’s not get too excited but that’s how I felt, although I wasn’t expecting it.

Many of the characters are familiar and of course some new ones, there were. But, don’t we all miss Yoda 😦  The main gripe with Ep 1-3 was the lack of an engaging story. Episode 7 fixed that problem. The story-telling was compelling. There will be times when you feel that you’d want to stand up and clap. There are times when you get angry and there are times when you will feel tears welling up. Be warned.

The pace was breath-taking. There were no unnecessary fillers or sub-plots. The movie takes you through a whole spectrum of emotions effortlessly and you lap it all up.

The battle sequences were done stylishly, without being confusing, unlike, say Attack of The Clones. Some of the sceneries might take your breath away. And many of the characters were given depth, making you feeeel for them a bit more. The tech – the planes, the droids, the weapons were all made to look more believable than was ever possible before.

And there was plenty of homour, many of them thanks to Han Solo, as you’d expect.

There isn’t much to complain about TFA, except that you get what you paid for, and not much more. In the music industry, this would be like the curse of the ‘second album’. If you’ve got a proven franchise, should you stay with the same formula or try something new? Will this please the fans or antagonise them? Lawrence Kasdan and JJ decided to play it safe.

All the same, it’s a must-watch film. I’d gladly see it again. The Jedi, The Force – it’s true. All of it.



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