Islam – slowly, slowly

The following is part of a Whatsapp thread I sent today. Name(s) have been changed.

long road

“Tazkirah sikit, allow me…

I am assuming that there might have been attempts to ‘bring Jane closer to Islam’ via FB, Instagram n so on. Which is good. Noble even.

However, the means must justify the end. Cara kita buat tu mesti betul. Otherwise, nnt dia ‘lari’ terus.

We must remember that dia ni westerner. Not from a Muslim country. For her to go from ‘there’ to ‘here’ is a journey. A long journey.

Our brother has done a fantastic job with ‘converting’ her. And akad nikah and all that. But that’s only Step 1. Pahala besar tu untuk bro kita tu, InsyaAllah.

But the ‘education’ has only just begun. And I believe we should go on a softly softly approach.

Contohnya kata lah lelaki Christian nak masuk Islam. Kita x leh kata “Weh, kau kena sunat tau!”. Lari lah dia. LOL

For us to bring her closer to Islam via the Internet is surely a challenge. A big, big challenge.

Alah, kita pun bukan lah Muslim yg gila bagus jugak. I mean, c’mon it’s not so long ago that kita ni x solat, x tutup aurat, kan? And how long did it take us before we started solat 5 waktu, tutup aurat? 20-30-40 years?

Changing someone is hard. You know how hard it is just trying to change yourself!

So here’s what we should do. Kita ‘business as usual’. Don’t try to convert her over the Internet.

Bila kita jumpa dia nanti, InsyaAllah, kita boleh try. But always slowly, slowly.

InsyaAllah in time, and give it time, dia akan “Wa aki mussolah, tawa a tuzzakah”.



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