We are in the 10 Most Important Days of The Year


It’s 21 Ramadan. So, we are well into the final 10 days of this holy month. Hidden somewhere in these days is Lailatul Qadr, that magical night where your ibadahs on that night is worth ibadahs 1,000 months over. In other words, during LQ, 1 night is worth 1 X 30 (days in a month) X 1000 (months), i.e. 30,000 times. To quantify that in real terms, if you were to give sadaqah of $1 on LQ, that’s worth $30,000 in the books! Are these the most important 10 days of the year? Sure sounds like it.

Now we don’t know on which night LQ actually falls on. So, whatever you plan to do (and you should), you should do them everyday, on these 10 days. Here are some ideas.

1. Step Your Ibadah Up A Few Notches


Solat on time, everytime. Jumaah, if possible. At the masjid, better still. And the tarawih, of course.

2. Give To Charity


Sadaqah. Give generously, online and offline. In person and also the charity boxes. You know the maxim – give till it hurts just a little bit. Remember $1 = $30,000.

3. Read The Quran


Spend time reading, understanding and internalising the Quran. Do a minimum of 1 ayat per day.

4. Random Act of Kindness


Help carry that old couple’s groceries, help fix someone’s punctured tyre, whatever. Do good. 30,000 times, remember?

Ramadan Mubarak. Assalamualaikum.


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