Najib Is Innocent. Selamat Hari Raya!

najib Najib must be assumed to be innocent. Until proven guilty. Beyond any reasonable doubt. We are governed by the laws of the country and that’s just how things work.

To blindly believe the words of the Wall Street Journal is being naive. Believing the publication and re-posting and re-tweeting the unproven allegations make it even more sinful and dosa for the Muslims amongst us. And especially so in this holy month of Ramadan and furthermore in this Lailatul Qadr period.

The accusations against the PM, the administration and UMNO have been coming fast and furious. These are unsubstantiated allegations. And when they get repeated over and over on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, they are presumed to be truths by the gullible masses. Just because everyone is saying it does not turn hearsay into truth. No matter what the source is. Not even if the source is Tun Mahathir. Not even if it’s WSJ.

Even if you do not like the PM, it is irresponsible to believe all the tomahans against him, without proof. Najib was made PM via an electoral process. He was elected democratically. It is therefore our collective responsibility for us to be behind him, whatever our political affiliation is. If at the end of this period, you feel that he’s not the man for the job and BN is not the right party to lead the country, then vote them out. But in between elections, all the wood must be behind one arrow. We are one, we must believe that.

Don’t talk our beloved country down via the Internet. If you do, you’re just making things worse. You want the KLCI, the Ringgit to do better? Then, talk UP Malaysia, not down. We are all PR Managers for Malaysia. And guess what, in the eyes of the world, Malaysia is highly regarded, still. No matter which country you go to.

On a side note, what about the Altantuya murder? Many of us believe or would like to believe that Najib was responsible. That’s normal, that’s what makes us human. We like juicy gossips. But guess what, it’s wrong to 1.assume that Najib is guilty in this case and further propagate this false news. Najib is innocent. Until and unless proven guilty. Beyond any reasonable doubt. Never mind if it’s Tun M making the accusations. It is still plain wrong to assume that Najib killed Altantuya.

Let’s talk about the Wall Street Journal. Should you believe them? Should you believe WSJ when they reported the presence of WMD in Iraq before the US first assault? And 10 years later, when WSJ (and the other Western press) repeated the same lies to justify their second invasion of Iraq? Did they find any WMD? Of course not. They knew the weapons weren’t there in the first place. Did they kill people – women and children? Yes, hundreds of thousands. Do they care about human lives? Or you and me? Or Najib? No. They manufacture lies to get to their end-objective. Malaysia is just a pawn; just collateral damage.

Here’s the thing, guys. Don’t believe the lies. Don’t pass on the lies. Don’t talk Malaysia down. Do your Puasa. Do increase your ibadat during this Lailatul-Qadr period.

Selamat Hari Raya. Assalamualaikum.


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