Hello twentyfifteen!

So here we are in the final hour of 2014. On the cusp of a brand new year. I look forward to better days in 2015, starting tomorrow. If you believe Facebook, you might believe that 2014 had been a great year. But let’s get real about this – this year had been anything but great.

Mom passed away in February. That alone has spoilt my whole entire year. Then, very soon after that, MH370 disappeared without a trace and it’s still missing at this time of writing. Not long after that, some idiots decided to shoot MH17 down, killing hundreds of innocent souls. If I had told you a couple of weeks ago that a third Malaysian air disaster was about to happen, would you have believed me? No. But that’s exactly what happened last weekend. AirAsia’s CZ8501 apparently crashed into the sea. What are the odds of that happening? At this time of writing, bodies and plane debris are still being fished out of the sea. Was it a great year? No.

Here’s more bad news. From the start of December, the monsoons have been lashing the east coast and they’ve grown with such ferocity that right now more than 100,000 people have been displaced due to floods. More than 20 lives have been lost. According to the news, this is the worst floods in Malaysian history. And we’re not done yet. Was this a good year? Heck, no.

Then, there’s this business about the free-falling of oil prices which started in October/November. As of today, it’s $57 a barrel. Thanks to that, the ringgit is taking a beating, about RM3.50 to $1 today. Does this mean exports are going up? Not necessarily so. The global economy is still in a sulking mood. And we’re still not done with this. Sometime in the next few days, someone is going to say “It’s gonna get worse before it gets better.” as if it’s a prophecy. Duh.

And how about Israel shooting, bombing and killing hundreds (or was it thousands?) of Palestinians in the middle of the year? And what about the US policemen getting away with killing black folks? How could anyone describe 2014 as a good year? It had been downright shitty. I am so glad that 2014 is coming to an end in the next few minutes.

There is no need or excuse for celebration. Good riddance 2014. I am so glad that I would never have to see your face again. Facebook, please take note.

2015, welcome. Please come in.


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