What Mak really wants


I’m old, sick and ugly. I can barely walk unassisted. I’ve lost almost all my teeth and I can barely hear anymore. I have problems sleeping at night. I have to alternate sleeping in sitting and lying positions. But you know all this already. So how come you don’t come and see me?

I might be old and ugly and I think I look pretty stupid with no teeth but let’s be clear on this – stupid, I am not.

It’s not like I’m living on the moon. I am barely one hour from you, even with the traffic jams. Dear child (for in my eyes, not matter how old you are, I always see you as if you are perpetually 6 years old), when you were away in boarding school many, many miles away, I begged and borrowed just to see you. And you weren’t even ill! I missed you so much, child. Don’t you miss me? I miss you. I missed you then and I miss you now and I would actually walk to wherever you are right this minute if not for my legs that have failed me. Please help me understand why you are not here with me?

Is it something I did? Was it something I said? If I have wronged you, I am sorry and I’m saying this unconditionally. There’s no fine-print.

Do you remember the time that you appeared at the house in the wee hours when you had some domestic issues (presumably)? Although you put on a silly everything’s-alright face, you knew that I knew… But did I interrogate you on what the problem was? No. And you chose to leave it at that and that’s what we did. I love you child; no terms, no conditions.

I know that I’ve not been your perfect mother. On behalf of your father I could also safely say that he’s not been a perfect father. But destiny decided that we are your parents. Take us for what we’re worth; warts and all. We’re not perfect but we have in all those years, moved many mountains for you so that you could have a good life.

In about 20 or 30 years from now, you are going to be like me – old, sick, ugly and maybe diabetic too, just like me. They say what goes around comes around. Would you be cool with your children not seeing you when you’re 75? Straight up, the way you are ignoring me sucks. I do not deserve this cold-shoulder treatment. Why are you ignoring me? Many, many years ago, you were actually in my tummy. I gave birth to you, I nurtured you, fed you, schooled you, gave you pretty much whatever you want as long as it was within our means. I have begged, borrowed and pawned for you.

Now, these are probably the last days of my life. If this was a marathon, this would be the last half-kilometre. Please come and see me. I don’t need your money, I don’t need new clothes. But I need your time. I need you to be with me, in person. I need you to call me ‘Emak’ before I die.

Come and see me? Please?


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