Malaysia: Tanah tumpahnya darahku


I’m a Muslim, Malay and Malaysian.  In that order.  Agama, Bangsa dan Tanahair; Alif, Ba, Ta.  I am proud of my religion, my being a friendly native and being Malaysian.  But right now, I am concerned.

I am concerned that there’s a chance that all the good things that we have in this blessed country might fall apart come 5th of May.  I love this country and I will do all I can within my means to defend my motherland and all its ideals.  I will jihad for Malaysia.  Indeed, this is tanah tumpahnya darahku.

Is this country perfect?  No.  But I’d rather be here than anywhere else.  Will it ever be perfect?  No.  No country is or ever will be.  In this so-called melting pot, we are in this together.  Sometimes we give, other times we take.  PRUs have always been about the future and the future of our children.  But, more so PRU 13.  Some are beginning to think that BN can actually lose this time.  If you are concerned about the future, and especially if you’re Malay, you must do the right thing come election day.  Think, then vote.  Don’t follow your heart.  Ikut hati, mati.

Orang Melayu, the Malays are by nature rebellious.  We fight against the establishment.  (Maybe we’re all latent hippies?)  This can be good or bad, depending on the circumstance.  It was good when we’re driving out the colonialists.  And we’ve proven that time and time again.  We did that with the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Japs and the British.  But right now is not the time to be rebellious.  I’m talking to you, Orang Melayu.  BN is not an outside force and certainly not your enemy.

Fact is, the Malays need help.  We need the NEP.  We need ASB.  We need the bumi status.  Deal with it: we need to be spoon-fed because kita Orang Melayu are not as capable as the Chinese or the Indians.  That’s a fact.  The list of the 10 richest people in Malaysia – how many of them are Malays?  One.  If you count Syed Mokhtar and he’s not really Malay.  Who owns almost all the shops around you?  The Malays?  The big businesses – Maxis, Astro, Air Asia, YTL, Genting.  Are these Malay-owned?  About 2 years ago there was a GDP per capita report by race and the ratio was 1 to 1.6 to 2.3.  (The numbers are not exact, but it’s not far off.)  That’s Malay to Indian to Chinese.  Yes, in case you’re scratching your head, Indians are more well-off than the friendly natives.  Time to wake up, guys.

A demographic of an upper middle-class Malay in KL might look something like this.  He studied overseas in the UK, under a MARA scholarship.  He now works for Petronas, lives in Damansara and drives a Honda Civic.  He has 3 kids.  The eldest son is doing a Foundation Course, sponsored by MARA, preparing to go the US in the Fall semester.  The youngest, a girl, is preparing for her UPSR.  Her calendar’s packed 24/7 – school, tuition, ngaji, piano classes, tae kwon do, the list goes on.  The wife spends most of her days lounging while bibik takes care of well, everything.  Good life?  Alhamdulillah.  Could you ask for more?

But wait, what if you take MARA out of this picture.  Where would this family be today?  Ir. Md Rahman bin Jusoh would probably be Mat kerja cuci kereta at Kg Paya, Kluang.  Do we still need the NEP?  Heck, yes.  Will PR maintain the NEP?  I think not.

In 2008, as we were preparing for PRU, Saifuddin Nasution in a YouTube video said only 1% of the land in Penang belonged to the Malays.  He implied (promised? I can’t remember) that if PR won, he’d fix this issue.  Has he fixed it?  I think not, they’ve made it worse.  What would happen to the Malays if PR were to rule?  We’ll probably be like the Malays in Singapore, in the medium-term.  A forgotten race.  I used to work in a multinational and have an occasions gone to Singapore for business.  In this same company, at the Singapore branch, they had quite a few Malays.  Surprising?  They’re mostly office-boys and receptionists.  Still surprised?  With PR, gentlemen and ladies, that is the future you’re looking at.

Now, you say you don’t want to choose BN because you don’t like Najib.  I understand that, perfectly.  After all, Najib is not perfect.  And many of his underlings are less than perfect.  Take that Shahrizat fiasco.  Then, Soi Lek and that video.  Agree and agree.  And Rosmah.  People are questioning why she’s not wearing a tudung etc.  To me, that’s something she has to answer herself, not for you or me to judge.  Then, of course there’s that Altantuya story.  As long as Najib has not admitted to the purported crime or charged in court, as Muslims, we must assume that he is innocent.  Sure the story is juicy but repeating unproven acts of crime is in itself, in the ‘eyes’ of Allah, a crime.  Corruption?  Scorpene and all that.  Same thing.  OK, OK so maybe he’s corrupt but I think the truth is everyone, leaders or not, are corrupt to a certain extent.  It’s just more fun to expose, exaggerate and spread stories about political leaders.  Are the PR leaders less corrupt?

Will PR look after you?  They can’t even agree among themselves.  Witness the recent seat allocation confusion.  And how in the world are DAP and PAS ever going to meet and agree on a common direction?  They are as different as night and day.  Even if by some magic they manage to sort out their differences plus PKR, it’s still not good for the Malays.  Say bye-bye NEP.  Whether they’re ‘together’ or not, it’s bad for the country.  The only reason why they’re together is because they’re all angry.  DAP is angry because of the NEP.  PAS is angry because of their less-than-amicable divorce with BN all those years ago.  And PKR’s only reason for being is  about Anwar being angry at Mahathir.

So, Encik Ir. Rahman, you want to vote for PAS because you want hudud?  Forget it, do the numbers here at .  It’s just mathematically impossible.  (Sidenote: is a clever online interactive infographic machine by malaysiakini.  Another sidenote: I hate malaysiakini.)  Besides, Karpal and LGE have both made their stands very clear on hudud.  So there.  And BTW, Nik Aziz, with all due respect, is way past his expiry date.  If I remember correctly, in Islam, if you want to pick a leader, he must be, first and foremost, physically fit.

DAP?  You know what these guys are like.  Kit Siang has said some very, very ‘nice’ things about the Malays.  Go Google it, also on YouTube.  And BTW, Kit Siang is also past due date.  Karpal – he’s not exactly physically able, is he?

PKR is all about anger, angst.  I’ve gotta say Anwar is a heck of an orator (in BM, his English is well, err, not very good) and he plays very well to the audience.  With a Western audience, he says less-than-nice things about Palestine, about Barisan.  With a Muslim crowd…. well, you get the picture.  Come to think of it, that’s all that he does: say awful things about people behind their backs.  Of course he forgets a lot of these memories are preserved till eternity on the Internet.

So, what am I saying?  I am saying on the 5th of May, please vote for Barisan Nasional.  If you don’t, we might see a repeat of 1969.  You might have seen pictures and videos of that day.  It’s not pretty.  A wide wealth gap is not good.  It causes disharmony.  The Malays need preferential treatment.  That means NEP.  That means Barisan Nasional.

Think.  Vote with your brain.  Not your heart.  Ikut hati mati.


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