Is the world getting better or worse?

We could attempt to answer this question from just about any perspective and the answer would almost always be the same.  It’s not getting better.  It’s getting worse and worse, day by day.

Take a look at the planet that we live in.  We are treating it as if it’s an endless resource.  To us it’s like a big mountain full of trees and animals and magical minerals underground which is infinite in size and variety and all these are magically replenished all the time.  That’s how we humans are treating it.  The more resources you have at your disposal the more you exploit and plunder this poor little planet of ours.  It’s like there’s no tomorrow.  We’re selfish; we don’t even stop to think that what we take away from this Earth is also what we take away from our children.  And it’s always somebody else’s problem.  The West seems to think that the rest of the world must protect and preserve the planet while they conquer and plunder away whatever they like.  They say they want to be ‘green’ but they proudly drive around in their oversized Humvees and limos.

In the rest of the so-called developing world, we flatten hills and cut down trees and build ‘gated communities’ and mega-sized shopping malls.  We “paved paradise, put up a parking lot”.  And we call this development.

Then there’s this problem of people, you know, humans…  There are what, 8 billion of us now?  We are multiplying at an alarming rate.  In the 70’s we talked of ‘over-population’ quite a bit, which was good.  Now, we don’t even talk about it anymore.  It’s as if if we don’t say anything, then the problem will just go away.  The more of us there are, the faster would be the depletion of our resources.  We should put a stop to this population explosion (that’s another term I haven’t heard in a while).  We should limit the number of kids that each couple can have.  Do this globally.  Either that or we could nuke some countries to oblivion.  We could do this in alphabetical order.  How about we start with America?

Here’s another problem which I think demands attention: cars.  Automobiles.  There are too many of these things.  And we have come to a point where we’ve surpassed the point of diminishing returns.  We have so many cars on the road that in many cases for you to travel to and from your house to the pharmacy, it will actually be quicker to walk or bike it because of the traffic jams and the difficulty of finding a parking spot.  Can’t we have a global moratorium on car production for let’s say, 5 years?

Then there’s this problem with electronic devices: computers, smartphones, tablets, the Internet.  In recent times, because of the pervasiveness and the sheer simplicity of technology, many of us (the writer included) are addicted to technology.  We’ve come to a stage where our eye-contact with electronic screens are about equal to that of the real world.  We’d be texting, calling or even surfing while driving, while walking, at the dinner table, in the bathroom, at the restaurant and of course in the office.  Updating our FB status or tweeting sometimes takes precedence over family face-time!

I just feel that we’re not living our lives the way we should and that we’re in a tailspin to a hell of our own creation.  Am I rambling?  Am I the only one feeling like this?


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