Emak, my favourite resolution

Is there such a thing as a favourite resolution?  Who cares, I have one.  I made it one day when I was 19 and I’m proud to say that I’ve kept it to this day.

OK, enough of the build-up, so what was my resolution?  I resolved to start calling my mother ‘Emak’, that’s it.  My sisters and me used to call her Kak Rah, but that’s a story for another day.  Some of us, elder ones, still call her that.

Happy New Year!  Make a resolution that’s achievable, and significant.


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4 Responses to Emak, my favourite resolution

  1. dayana says:

    Haah kan. Kenapa panggil Kak Rah ek?

    • yazidatan says:

      As I remember it, there were these 2 girls who were neighbours, older than us, who used to come round all the time to our house in Jalan Esa. I can’t remember their names. They used to call her that, then kita pun terikut2.

  2. RAshid Mustafz says:

    So, bow are both your parents? Are they still in Kluang? My regards to them the next time you go home.

    • yazidatan says:

      Salam Rashid, my parents are fine, considering they’re close to 80. They’re in Kluang, but they come up to KL quite often.
      What about you? Your family? Your parents?
      I went to Arip Kasmo’s daughter’s wedding yesterday. Also met Omar (Malay medium), if u remember.

      We must catch up the next time you’re in KL, you know, while we’re still alive 😉

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