Profile of the Malay businessman

I’m sitting here at the open-air smoking section of The Buttery at the Lake Club. Just had late lunch (it’s 4pm) after doing some work at the gym. (Haven’t been there for a while, but that’s another story for another day.
There are 3 guys sitting on the table in front of me – 60-ish, Malay. You know the type. Which got me thinking – they all fit in a certain mould.
These are the main characteristics of the successful (?) Malay businessman, what they look like, what they do, where they hang out et al (in no particular order):
About 60 years old
Man-bag (an indispensable accessory)
They smoke pipes (no Dunhills for these types)
Golf on weekends (or so they claim)
They went to school with Najib, or Muhyiddin or Idris Jala (you know what I mean.)
They went to MCKK (‘budak kolej’, they call themselves)
They had a bypass last year.
Went to umrah couple of years back.
They have a daughter studying medicine in Australia and a son who’s married to a Tan Sri’s daughter.
They hang at Lake Club once or twice a week. The Buttery or poolside. No gym or tennis or squash for these types. Serious workouts are for pedestrians.
They love yellow shirts for some reason. It’s been like that for the past few years. I don’t know who started it.
Oh yes, they carry Blackberrys, which the 16-year old daughter has been trying very hard to walk through with them on how the bloody thing works. Strictly for calls (sometimes from the PM) and sms only.
Wives? 2 at least. The new wife is an also-ran Malay actress, hijabless. The first wife is nicely hijab-ed.
Holidays – Bandung is a favourite to get the wife RM1000 kebayas. And London every few years. (“My son is studying in Birmingham.”)
Political inclination? BN, no matter what (at least officially).

That’s it, no conclusion or anything. Just my humble view.


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