Fat people

When I was young, being overweight was associated with being rich.  Rich people are fat and fat people are rich.  And there was some truth in this thinking, then.  It’s no longer true now; your waist-size is no longer and indication of your bank-balance.  In other words: fat people are fat, period.  Another thing I remember while growing up was this: there weren’t too many fat people then.  How things have changed.  Take a look around, fat people are everywhere.  And as I understand it, this is a global issue, at least in the developed and developing world.

I don’t hate fat people.  Au contraire, pity would be a better word.  Regardless, this issue is grave and it is our collective responsibility to address it.

Let’s take a look at how we’ve come this fat.  Through the media, we all know the gravity of the problem and the reasons why we are overweight.  Butt,  let’s just go through issues to refresh our memory.  Here we go: the lack of exercise, our sedentary lifestyles (the TV, the PC, the car), the rubbish that we feed ourselves with.  And what does being fat result in?  We know the answer to this question too.  It results in us being unhealthy and getting all the new 21st century diseases: diabetes, high-blood pressure, stroke, heart-related issues, over-stressed knees and in many cases early deaths.  Being fat kills.  Yes, fat kills.  You and I know of people who have died prematurely due to conditions related to being overweight.

One of the shittiest things about growing fat is this…  The fatter you are, the more you need to eat.  The body tissues need to be fed; more tissues require more nutrition.  And the fatter you become.  Cutting down on food becomes increasingly difficult as you grow heavier.  A vicious cycle.

So Gemok might be thinking: OK I should exercise to reduce weight.  Here’s the problem and I don’t even have to explain this to fat guy: the fatter you are, physical exercise just gets more and more challenging.  Life is a bitch for fat people; your appetite grows and it’s-oh-so-hard to start exercising.

And what’s worse, fat people  are making life difficult for other folks, both fat and thin.  To accommodate a fattening populace we need to build bigger chairs, we need to burn more petrol for our cars, for our planes etc etc.  All this at the expense of our already limited resources.

So what’s Gemok to do?  He knows the answer to this.  See above.  Eat less, eat better food, exercise and so on.  But it all boils down to one thing: Discipline.


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